Klingenberg Conrad & Associates

Attorneys and Counselors at Law
Serving Oklahoma since 1979

A Holistic Approach to Client Success

At Klingenberg Conrad & Associates, our Attorneys and CPAs have been working in cooperation with one another to serve the diverse needs of their clients in Oklahoma City and across the State of Oklahoma since 1979.

lawyer giving a client legal advice

Bridging Law and Finance: Your Source for Comprehensive Legal and Accounting Services

Being professional firms, one comprised of attorneys and the other comprised of Certified Public Accountants, allows Klingenberg Conrad and Associates to bring substantial legal, accounting, and business knowledge to bear when assisting our clients.

Practice Areas

State and Federal Civil Law Practice


Tax Law

Oil & Gas

Real Estate

Personal Injury

Civil Litigation

Insurance Law

Estate Planning

Domestic Relations

Corporate / Business Law

Qualified Domestic Relations Orders

Unleash the Power of Synergy: Attorneys and CPAs Working Together for Your Success

Our unique combination of law and finance experience is utilized to assist clients with issues ranging from civil litigation to tax matters, as well as providing litigation support to other attorneys and law firms as financial experts.

lawyer consulting with oklahoma client

Whether representing a company across the broad spectrum of its business needs, or assisting individuals in navigating the potential minefield of estate planning, Klingenberg Conrad & Associates possess the in-house legal and accounting knowledge to meet your needs.