Attorneys and Counselors at Law

        Certified Public Accountants

330 N.W. 13th Street
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73103
Telephone - (405) 236-1985
Facsimile - (405) 236-1541

      The law firm of Klingenberg & Associates, P.C. and the accounting firm of Kenneth W. Klingenberg, C.P.A., P.C. have been working in cooperation with one another to serve the diverse needs of their clients in Oklahoma City and across the State of Oklahoma since 1979. Being professional firms, one comprised of attorneys and the other comprised of Certified Public Accountants, allows us to bring substantial legal, accounting, and business knowledge to bear when assisting our clients. This unique combination of skills is utilized to assist clients with issues ranging from civil litigation to tax matters, as well as providing litigation support to other attorneys and law firms as financial experts. Whether representing a company across the broad spectrum of its business needs, or assisting individuals in navigating the potential minefield of estate planning, our two firms possess the in-house legal and accounting knowledge to meet your needs.