Practice Areas

   State and Federal Civil Law Practice

Corporate/Business Law: Buy-sell agreements, stock/asset purchase agreements, shareholder/operating/partnership agreements, right of first refusal agreements, commercial leases, promissory notes, asset pledge agreements, security agreements, qualified/unqualified deferred compensation agreements and others.

Qualified Domestic Relations Orders: Military, federal civilian employees, state civilian employees, Thrift Savings Plan, firefighters, law enforcement, teachers, private company pensions, 401(k), 403(b) and others.

Estate Planning: Wills, revocable trusts, irrevocable trusts, special purpose trusts, powers of attorney, advanced directives for health care (living wills), counseling & guidance on tax planning/ gifting.

Probate: Guidance and handling of estates in the Probate Courts of the State of Oklahoma.

Real Estate: Quiet title, transfer of title, sales agreements (commercial/residential), deeds in lieu of foreclosure, disputes regarding easements, evictions and others.

Domestic Relations: Divorce, child custody disputes, guardianships, paternity disputes, pre-nuptial agreements, and others.

Tax Law: Protests of federal tax liens and state tax warrants, protests of tax assessments arising out of federal & state tax audits, consultation/advisement on business and personal methods of properly minimizing tax exposure.

Personal Injury: Automobile negligence and other injuries to your person caused by the negligence of others.

Oil & Gas: Negotiation of oil/gas/mineral leases, termination of oil/gas/mineral leases, surface vs. mineral owners rights, surface damage claims, and disputes arising between oil/gas/mineral owners and the purchasers of those assets.

Civil Litigation: Litigation relating to all of the areas cited above to include actions for breach of contract, enforcement of contractual obligations, negligence, defamation of character, breach of fiduciary duties, seeking of accountings, contstructive trusts, unjust enrichment and others.

Insurance Law: Bad faith, breach of contract and other disputes arising between the insured, or a third-party, and an insurance company.

   Accounting and Financial Practice

   Tax Preparation, Planning and Representation before Internal Revenue Service and Oklahoma Agencies. Expert Financial Witness, Litigation Support and Business Valuations.